Update from Mike Ward – Class of 80 Old Brigade Entry Project/ Mise à jour de Mike Ward – Projet d’entrée de la classe 80 dans la Vieille Brigade

Hi All/ Bonjour à tous 

Le texte en francais ci-dessous. 

A quick update. Following from Steve’s SITREP below we have kicked off the project, and formed a steering committee that will establish a gift selection process and an outreach plan that will connect with and help unify the class around this important initiative. 

Our Aim:  To make a meaningful gift to the Colleges on entry to the Old Brigade in 2025 

General:  Our Class has been a relatively good/generous class – $200k so far.  The LAV project was a great success and will forever commemorate the service and sacrifice of Forces members who fought in this past generation.  

Concept:  Unify class effort around a gift(s) that aligns with the following principles:

– Addresses a valid need 
– Maximizes benefit for dollars donated 
– Supports the mid to long term objectives of enhancing excellence 
– Offers the chance for continued impact 

The Steering Committee will represent all parts of our class, including colleges of entry, academic streams and athletic teams.  It currently consists of me (Class Project Lead), Murray Beare, Dan Godbout, Harry Hadwen, Scott Hayter, Peter (Wax) Johnston, Dan MacKeigan, Ian Poulter, and Brian Read.  Our job is to do the initial brainstorming and laydown of the gift selection process and the outreach plan, keep you all informed and get your input at key decision points. There is room for, and we would welcome a couple of more folks on the Committee if anyone is interested. 

We work in parallel with the Class Secretary who, with everybody’s help, will keep the class list and contact data up to date.  A significant challenge all by itself. 

The initial priority of effort: to achieve class consensus on the gift(s) within the next few months.  Supporting effort is to develop and launch the outreach plan.  We’ve broken the Steering Committee into a Gift Selection team led by me and the Outreach Team led by Peter Johnston.  We have some initial legwork to do on both of those and will get back to you with further updates in the near future. 

Call to Action:  While 2025 is still some 4 years away, this is a great time to start building our Old Brigade Fund.  We currently have $57k invested and earning returns.  Increasing the principal will help us get an early start on growing the balance.  You have options to make one time or recurring contributions to the Class Old Brigade Fund via the RMC Foundation website (rmcfoundation.ca/Class Giving).  Monthly giving works well and spreads your contributions over time.   If you want to donate over the phone or change a current monthly donation, you can contact Jennifer Jordan at the Foundation at 613.541.6000×6807  

If donating by cheque, make your cheque payable to ‘RMC Foundation” and mail it to: 
RMC Foundation
15 Point Frederick Drive
Kingston, ON
K7K 7B4 

Mise à jour – Projet d’entrée de la classe 80 dans la Vieille Brigade 

Bonjour à tous 

Une mise à jour rapide. À la suite du SITREP de Steve ci-dessous, nous avons donné le coup d’envoi du projet et formé un comité directeur qui établira un processus de sélection de don et un plan de sensibilisation qui permettra d’unifier la classe autour de cette importante initiative. 

Notre objectif: faire un don significatif aux collèges lors de notre entrée dans la Vieille Brigade en 2025 

Général: Notre classe a été une classe relativement bonne / généreuse – $200k jusqu’à présent a été offert aux Collèges.  Le projet VBL a été un grand succès et commémorera à jamais le service et le sacrifice des membres des Forces qui ont combattu au cours de la dernière génération.  

Concept : Unifier l’effort de classe autour d’un don qui s’aligne selon les principes suivants : 

• Répondre à un besoin valide 
• Maximiser les avantages de ces dons 
• Soutenir les objectifs à moyen et à long terme d’amélioration de l’excellence 
• Offrir la possibilité d’un impact continu 

Le comité directeur représentera tous les groupes de notre classe, y compris les collèges d’entrée, les cours académiques et les équipes sportives.  Il se compose actuellement de moi-même (chef de projet de classe), Murray Beare, Dan Godbout, Harry Hadwen, Scott Hayter, Peter (Wax) Johnston, Dan MacKeigan, Ian Poulter et Brian Read.  Notre travail consiste à faire un remue-méninges initial et une mise à jour du processus de sélection des dons , à déveloper le plan de sensibilisation et vous tenir tous informés et finalement, obtenir vos commentaires à des points de décision clés. Si quelqu’un est intéressé à se joindre à nous, vous seriez le bienvenu car il y a de la place pour quelques autres membres au sein du Comité. 

Nous travaillons en parallèle avec le secrétaire de classe qui, avec l’aide de tous, gardera la liste des membres et les données de contact à jour.  Un défi de taille en soi. 

La priorité initiale de l’effort: parvenir à un consensus de classe sur le(s) don(s) dans les prochains mois.  Afin de soutenir cet effort, nous planifions élaborer et lancer un plan de sensibilisation.  Nous avons divisé le comité directeur en une équipe de sélection de dons dirigée par moi-même et une équipe de sensibilisation dirigée par Peter (Wax) Johnston.  Nous avons un travail initial à faire sur ces deux éléments et nous vous reviendrons avec d’autres mises à jour dans un avenir rapproché. 

Appel à l’action: Bien que 2025 soit encore dans environ 4 ans, c’est le moment idéal pour commencer à construire notre Fonds de la Vieille Brigade.  Nous y avons actuellement $57k d’investis donc qui accrus. L’augmentation du capital nous aidera à commencer rapidement à accroître nos actifs.  Vous avez la possibilité de faire une ou des contributions ponctuelle ou récurrentes au Fonds de la Vieille Brigade de classe 80 via le site Web de la Fondation RMC (rmcfoundation.ca/Dons des classes).  Les dons mensuels fonctionnent bien et répartissent vos cotisations au fil du temps.

• Si vous souhaitez faire un don par téléphone ou modifier un don mensuel actuel, vous pouvez communiquer avec Jennifer Jordan à la Fondation au 613.541.6000×6807

• Si vous faites un don par chèque, faites le au nom de la Fondation RMC et envoyez-le par la poste à: 
o Fondation RMC 
15, promenade Point Frederick 
Kingston (Ont.) 
K7K 7B4 

Comments welcome/Tous les commentaires sont les bienvenus. 



M.J. Ward, 12632 
MGen (Retd) 

Class of 80 

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RMC80 Class Secretary Update Dec 2020

Hello RMC Class of 1980 Graduates and Affiliates,

The last few months have been busy ones as we close out the LAV Project, initiate the planning for our entry into the Old Brigade in 2025, and continue the ongoing task of finding our classmates who have been “lost”. Here is a brief summary:

LAV PROJECT.  All our work on the LAV project is complete.  The monument is in place and we are now waiting for Base Kingston/Real Property Operations to install the limestone boulder with the bronze plaque. When that will happen will be determined by RP Ops Kingston, but once it is done, we will get a photo out to you. Based on the poll results, the Class unanimously agreed to transfer all remaining monies in the Class of 80 LAV fund into the Class of 80 Old Brigade fund. On behalf of the Class, THANK YOU to Brian Read, Fred Lewis for their inspiration, leadership and perseverance to make this wonderful project a reality; and THANK YOU to all those who donated so generously to make it all possible. BRAVO ZULU

OLD BRIGADE FUND.  The Class of 80 Old Brigade fund has now been established to receive donations to fund our gift to the colleges upon our entry into the Old Brigade in September 2025. The current balance in the fund is $57,406.90.  All future donations should be deposited in this fund. For those who have active standing donations (e.g., monthly), there is no need to take any action; either you were already donating to the Class of 80 Old Brigade fund, or we have contacted you and you have made arrangements to alter your standing donation accordingly.

ENTERING THE OLD BRIGADE. Our Class will enter the Old Brigade in September 2025. Mike Ward is leading the Planning Team to select and fund our gift to the colleges when that momentous event occurs. THANK YOU to Mike and all the members of the Team!  Classmates will soon hear more on this subject directly from Mike.

CONTACTING “LOST” CLASSMATESA total 109 of the 202 Class of 1980 graduates (ROTP/RETP (179), UTPM (15), UTPO (6), and Honorary (2) ) have joined our RMC80 mailing list. Your efforts to find our “lost” classmates have borne fruit, and only about 80 graduates remain to be located. Early in the new year, I will post an updated list of those we still need to find.  In the meantime, keep up the great work of finding our wayward Buds! 

CLASSMATES “STRUCK OFF STRENGTH”.  The passing of Classmates is a sad, but inevitable, event; one of which we are all the more cognizant as our hair gets greyer and thinner. In 2020, we lost two Buds; this brings the list of Graduate Classmates Struck Off Strength to 8:  Claude Cormier (Eng Mgt/PLT), Brent Dewar (Elec Eng/SIGS), Marcel Ethier (Pol Sci/LOG), Donald Gauthier (Mech Eng/AERE), Wade Rose (Mech Eng/AERE), JP Normand (Civ Eng/MILE), Chris Simonds (Chem Eng/Arty), and Maj JH Trethewey (Honorary/SO Trg).  

Rest in Peace dear friends and classmates; watch over us, and help us to keep laughing at the dust and the ruts of life as we March Along with Spirits Willing!

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Colonel Christopher Guy Simonds 12616 Class of 1980


Tribute from 12493 Murray Beare:

Photos of Chris

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RMC Class of 80 – Outreach & Update on Reunion Weekend 2020

Class of 80 Buds,

As our 40th reunion year approaches, I am reaching out to remind you that Reunion Weekend 2020 will be Thursday – Saturday, September 17-19, 2020.  Details of the weekend can be found online at: https://everitas.rmcclub.ca/exciting-news-reunion-weekend-2020-nouvelles-excitantes-fin-de-semaine-des-anciens-2020/

[Note:  the dates 18-20 September on the RMC Club Events page http://rmcclub.ca/events/ are incorrect]

The 2020 Reunion/Ex-cadet weekend has significant changes from previous years, so please don’t assume “same as last time” when it comes to events and timings for the weekend.  Keep checking online for details.  I will also send out information about Class of 80 activities as information comes available (please keep reading below).

You are encouraged to book your hotel rooms soon, as space will go quickly.

With all that in mind, I am seeking your help in contacting all our Class of 80 Buds to let them know about our 40th reunion.  As the years have gone by and people have moved around, we have lost touch with well over half of our group.

Paul Ellis has been working diligently to build an email group (RMC80@groups.io) to enhance communications within our ranks. This email group is easy to use and will keep our information private and not spam us.

Rather than each of us trying to send email to 100+ addresses that may or may be up to date, rmc80@groups.io offers a single email address that will automatically send an email to everyone in the group. Simple, easy, fast.  Additionally, all emails are archived on the group site, so you don’t need to keep all the emails in your personal email account.  This group email, along with our Facebook page and website will be the main channels of communication with our Buds.

To join, simply send an email to rmc80+subscribe@groups.io from the email account you wish to use for Class of 1980 communications, and we will send you an invitation to join the group.  That way, you will automatically be kept up to date on Class of 80 news.

Further information is on the email group page at:  https://groups.io/g/rmc80

Please pass this information on to others in the class with whom you are in contact so we can update and build up our class contact list.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. You can email us at rmc80+owner@groups.io

I look forward to seeing you at our 40th Reunion next September.

PS – don’t forget to check out




12472 Steve Woodland

Secretary, RMC Class of 80

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LAV Dedication – 11 Nov 2019

This gallery contains 15 photos.


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From Fred Lewis:


Of course this is again not an “order” but hopefully provides some additional detail and further encourages participation from our Class.  Right now I am tracking about 12 of us (most with significant others) attending (Brian Read, Robbie Z, Alex Gallin, Guy Townend, Mike Ward, David Wrather (aka Griff), Nelson May, Mike Kennedy, Murray Beare, Paul Fleet and Steve Woodland). Given that the dedication will not occur until 1330 hrs, it would be hoped that a few more within striking distance could now make a day trip.  The LAV and site are very cool and I think you will feel quite proud.

If any more Buds are coming, either the night before (and therefore to the restaurant meal) or just for the Dedication, could you let me know ASAP.

Also we could use with some additional funding to do two things: fix the grass (note the photos and yes I have already talked to CE (now called RP Ops) … times have changed and they contract Roads and Grounds AND the purchase of a limestone block to mount the Canada Company plaque (normally the very colourful Canada Company plaque goes on the LAV but in our case it would ruin the look.  I am still trying to get a firm estimate on costs but it could be as high as $2000 + $2000.  If you are willing to fund or partially fund let me know; it can be done through the RMC Foundation.

1. SITUATION. LAV was installed on its pad 23 Oct (photos attached). Brian Read and I hosted a thank you BBQ on site and handed out Canada Company LAV ball caps for the many people that worked on the LAV project.

2. MISSION. Dedicate the Class of 1980 Afghanistan LAV Monument at RMC 1330 hrs, 11 Nov 19,  in order to recognize Canadian service and sacrifice in Afghanistan .


General. Dedication will take place after the main RMC Arch Remembrance Day Ceremony.  The LAV Dedication will include a 50 man Guard from RMC and sentinels dressed in Arid Pattern CADPAT from the Prince of Wales own Regiment (PWOR). The College will provide a choir and bugler to allow O Canada/God Save the Queen, Last Post and Rouse. Mike Ward will pipe the Lament.


(1)    Canada Company. MGen (Retd) Dave Fraser – Explains Canada Company LAV Program/Afghanistan Conflict;

(2)    RMC. Cmdt, BGen Bouchard- Explains importance of monument to RMC and thanks Class of 1980; and

(3)    Class of 1980. Fred Lewis – Thanks the many people involved in making the project happen.

Plaque Unveiling. Brian Read and an OCdt that worked on the LAV this past summer.

Benediction. College Padre(s).

Reception. Some Class members may choose to also attend the main RMC Arch Remembrance Day Ceremony.  There will be a post reception for the RMC Arch Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Cadet Mess at approximately 1200 hrs.  The Cmdt has invited LAV attendees to use this reception as a pre reception for the LAV Dedication and RV (an announcement will be made to begin moving to the LAV site at 1315 hrs). I might suggest we RV at the Cadet Mess at 1300 hrs.

Timing and Location. LAV Dedication begins 1330 hrs at the intersection of Billy Bishop Road and Precision Drive.

Media. RMC Public Affairs Officer is OPI.  RMC will provide an Image Tech.


Accommodation. Brian Read is staying at the Holiday Inn.

Rations. Restaurant Meal  Merchant Pub just adjacent the Holiday Inn  1830 hrs,  Sunday 10 Nov. Room is reserved and food will be 25% off!

Dress. Appropriate Remembrance Day attire with maybe a Class of 1980 pin (Fred will be wearing a version of “Sixes” with medals).  The wet weather plan is “get wet”.

Parking.  Parking could be difficult.  If you are only going to the LAV Dedication, the Gym parking lot across Hwy 2  might be the easiest.

COMMAND & SIGNAL. Questions to Fred



F.A. Lewis

LAV & PLAQUELAV InstallTurret Install


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35 Year Reunion Photos

Wayne Yee and Joe Amlin sent me their photos from the weekend.  I’ve started adding them here:


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40 year reunion poll

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Class meeting 2015

Boomerang Award – awarded this year to Joe Amlin from Bali Indonesia. Award was missing but Pitt Barr found it in his basement in New York and had his brother deliver it to the reception on Friday.

Class SecretarySteve Woodland volunteered and was unanimously acclaimed. Mike Czich to assume deputy/social secretary.

Class of 1980 LAV III Memorial Project

  • Fred Lewis –  updated LAV is ours based on pre-approval from Canada Company.
  • Shawn Deane – project manager from Canada Company updated on LAV Monument Program. We are the first group to receive monument onsite.
  • Finances – $15k for the LAV. $10k for the pad. Signage TBD. Costs have been guaranteed by anonymous benefactor. Money pledged by individuals in support of this project will go to reducing the amount to be paid by the benefacotr.  Maintenance now responsibility of RMC Foundation. $40k in maintenance fund taken from class restricted fund.

RMC FoundationRod McDonald – Executive Vice President.

  • RMC Foundation now responsible for maintenance of monuments. Create an endowment with a specific purpose.  $52K in our fund currently. $40k endowed for maintenance.  Will need to also have clauses for what to do with extra if generated.
  • Entry into Old Brigade in 10 years. Suggest $50/month into a class endowment fund. If 100 classmates contribute would add up to $600K in 10 years.  Will start Class of 1980 Entry Into Old Brigade accumulating fund. Accumulating fund usually has a goal and a time period.  e.g. $25k in 10 years.


  • 1980 Class Fund. Restricted. Non interest bearing. (Existing fund holding class contributions to date)
  • Class of 80 LAV III Maintenance Endowment.  Accumulating fund – interest bearing.
  • Class of 80 Old Brigade Endowment Fund. Accumulating fund – interest bearing.
  • Moved by Pete Johnston seconded by Scott Hayter to allocate the excess from class fund to the old brigade entry fund (currently $52k-$40k.)
  • Steve Ellis to head committee to draft constitution.
  • Pete Johnston seconded by John Jerry to establish the Class of 1980 Old Brigade Entry Endowment Fund. Passed.
  • To contribute call Jennifer at RMC foundation. Designate to contribute to LAV III project.
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